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Delivers Over 60 Years of Technical Expertise to Navigate You Through The Maze of Regulations & Procedures. Forensic Engineering Nationwide Since 1991

Residential and Commercial Subdivisions

Concept plans, lot layout, utility layout, grading and drainage, preliminary and final plat preparation, PUD design, LEED design.

Site Planning and Design

Land use optimization, preliminary and final site plans, LEED Design.


Rural and urban roadways and streets; city, county or state standards; subdivision streets and local roadways, 3D modeling.


New mains, service laterals, lift stations, forcemains, rehabilitations and wastewater treatment. 


New and rebuilt mains, tap-ins, service laterals and water storage.


Storm sewer and detention design. Design of LEED projects.


Conceptual balance studies, preliminary and final grading and 3D modeling.

Entrance Plans

Experience with KDOT, ODOT, INDOT Plans, permitting, acceleration and deceleration lanes.

Erosion Control

Familiar with various code requirements for erosion control including USEPA, Section 404 Permitting, NPDES Permitting, storm water pollution prevention plans, green infrastructure and LEED Design.

Construction Management

Utilizing our professional engineers to manage the quality and cost control of construction projects in the field as an owner’s representative.

Residential/Structural Review

Providing residential and structural review from our Professional Engineer.

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What can the civil engineering service provide?

Civil engineering includes site design drawings, storm water management design, site utilization studies, roadway design, sanitary sewer design, subdivision design, Clean Water Act Permitting, Earthwork Analysis and Department of Transportation Permitting.  also includes residential and structural review.

How do I contract with Land Consultants for engineering services?

A contract for services is provided for a project with a lump sum estimated cost, not to exceed cost unless authorized by the client. Another option is a time and materials cost with a not to exceed limit. The project will be invoiced with the time and material cost spent as the project proceeds. An estimate of the time expected can be given to provide a range for budgeting.

Where are our engineers registered?

To provide engineering services, the engineer needs to be registered in that particular state the project will take place. Land Consultants’ engineers are registered in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

What “hands-on” experience do our engineers have?

Our engineers have worked extensively in the land development business and land development construction business. Having worked as estimates and project managers for construction companies, our engineers understand the point of view from an owner’s perspective. Value engineering by our staff ensures a cost effective project that helps the owner increase the “bottom line.”

What is value engineering?

It is the ability for us to analyze a project as it relates to cost and the value of certain design elements. Every project has specific features, which greatly affect the project cost and economic viability. By using field experience we can place value on items, which will provide cost-effective solutions. The client needs to be informed and questioned on what’s important to the project and what the expectations are for the finished project.

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