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Land Consultants, once known as Hoosier Valley Survey Company and The Survey Company, was started in 1976 by (David) Terry Crouch in Rising Sun, Indiana.  The company started as a land surveying firm with 3 employees. Within a few years, Terry realized the need for growth and saw opportunity to expand in Lawrenceburg, Indiana where he moved the business in 1983. Close proximity to the tri-state area allowed for yearly growth and expansion of services.  In 2004, the Engineering Group joined the company adding civil engineering and land development consulting. By 2007, the company evolved into Land Consultants to encompass the full range of services it provides, and opened a second location in downtown Cincinnati.


Also in 2007, Suzanne Barr became majority owner of Land Consultants as Terry retired.  Under Suzanne’s leadership, Land Consultants is Certified Disadvantage Business Enterprise with the Ohio Department of Transportation and Certified Small Business Enterprise with the City of Cincinnati.  Land Consultants has employees including licensed surveyors, licensed engineer, field crews and technical and office support.

Suzanne Crouch Barr
Archie A. Crouch, L.S
VP Of Operations
  • State of Indiana: Registered Professional Land Surveyor, No. 20100073

  • State of Ohio: Registered Professional Engineer, No. 53383

  • Commonwealth of Kentucky: Registered Professional Engineer, No. 16075

  • State of Indiana: Registered Professional Engineer, No. PE10200266

Jeffrey E. Talkers, P.E.
VP Of Marketing
Eric Lang, P.S. L.P.S.
Project Manager/Chief Surveyor
  • State of Ohio: Registered Professional
    Land Surveyor, No. 8406

  • Commonwealth of Kentucky: Licensed Professional Land Surveyor, No. 3774

  • State of Indiana: Registered Professional Land Surveyor, No. LS21000192

Hollie C. Stoops
Executive Administrator
Professional Affiliations

American Congress on Surveying and Mapping


American Society of Civil Engineering


Dearborn County Home Builders Association


Dearborn County, Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Indiana Society of Professional Land Surveyors


Kentucky Association of Professional Surveyors


Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio


Land Consultants is equipped with fully loaded survey vehicles, each furnished with all the modern day equipment and supplies. Listed below are the following surveying instruments and data collection units available 

  • Trimble R8 Model 3 RTK/VRS with receiving units available for Static Control, Real Time Capabilities and Post Processing Kinematic Survey Work (additional units available, if required)

  • SOKKIA LOCUS Package with Static Single Frequency GPS Receivers and post processing software

  • Trimble S6 - Five Second Robotic Total Stations, with TSC2 Data Collectors set up with TDS Survey Pro  Software

  • TOPCON GTS-223 Three Second Accuracy Total Stations

  • Recon-Pocket PC Data Collectors set up with TDS Survey Pro Software and Windows Based  Programs

  • Panasonic Tough Book Computer set up with Tsunami Software, with the capabilities of collecting field data with the Total Stations and GPS unit

  • Safety Equipment: Concined Space Entry Equipment; Dual Cable Entry Tripod/Winch; Fresh Air Blowers with Hoses; Air Test Meters; Body Harnesses; 45’ Telescoping Level Rods with pipe size attachment. Approximately 5 employees have had confined space training in a 2 day seminar with Rosako Enterprises Safety Consultants. Each has printed manuals and certificates.

  • Computer CAD Work Stations (Laptops) capable of importing and exporting various data collection files - field ready. We are able to provide electronic files in AutoCAD release 2000i with SurvCADD, which is a coordinate geometry program that runs inside AutoCAD. We are also set up to be able to receive and transmit electronic files through our e-mail address.

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