We believe that this familiarity with an area, along with a working relationship with related professional service providers in the area, adds to our efficiency, and that experience with local and state requirements adds another quality control measure to our final product.

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Community and Economic Planning Services


Comprehensive Planning:

Provide guidance to the effective and logical growth and stability of a community or area.


Strategic Development Plans:

Establishes a vision and a methodology for implementation of short and long-range development opportunities that can be measured.


Industrial Park Feasibility:

Determines the best design, layout, use and build out of properties made available to communities and business clients.


Community and Economic Planning FAQ’s

How long will a typical Comprehensive Plan take to complete?

This will depend on the make-up of the Steering Committee and the size of community or county. Without running into any major obstacles, it should take approximately 6-9 months to complete the process.


How do I know if my community needs a Comprehensive Plan?

Most states have time frames in place as recommendations as to when updates to a comprehensive plan needs to be accomplished.


What are the requirements for completing a Comprehensive Plan?

Each state has their own regulations as to what needs to be included on a Comprehensive Plan versus what can be in the Plan as well as the procedure that must be followed to adopt a Plan or an update.


What is entailed in providing Economic Development contracting?

This can be as little as having our firm on retainer to only deal with specific projects as they come or as detailed as providing regular staffing for doing both planning as well as working with specific clients. We charge for hourly work as well as all appropriate expenses coming out of the venture.



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